Redesign author website for Sarina Prabasi

Spring 2019


Author website for Sarina Prabasi

Fall 2018

Portraits - Aya and Levi

November 2018

Tampopo Ramen

October 2018

Shooting Textiles Designs by Neda Lozanova

July - October 2018

187 Film Festival

March 9, 2018

Launched today, 6 week project creating a home for all PSIS 187 Elementary and Middle School's student films created for the 187 Film Festival. The site not only will be the home for past and future films to be enjoyed by the whole community but hopefully will help attract sponsors to raise money for the school via their PTO. Updates and announcements can also be found on their Facebook page as added as a social communication component to the project.


School-A-Palooza School Fundraising Website

November 3, 2017



Excited to share, a website I worked with Ben Luna and Stephanie Menuez to create and launch for their new e-commerce website, an offering by Menuez Creative Consulting (a site I also help create and launch). The directory helps artists jump-start their marketing efforts by having researched and compiled hundreds of companies and art buyers contact information. I helped advise and research artwork and style and design of the website using SquareSpace. I customized their template to give them a unique look and feel to match their personalities and the product they are offering. I helped write and edit all the copy on the site including designing the downloadable PDF for sale via their site.

Self-motivated project turns to sale with Washington Post Magazine

November 6, 2016

While editing for new promo cards in 2016 with TJ Kirkpatrick we shifted gears as a portrait project we had been discussing for promotion use got the attention of the Washington Post Magazine. TJ started working on Primary Colors while on the campaign trail. Motivation to fit related projects in while working in between assignments is a great way to express your vision while shooting for others. His thinking ahead about how to use the portraits for marketing paid off in the end with getting published as a bigger story. 


T.J. Kirkpatrick

August 20, 2015

TJ and I worked for 3 days straight in NYC to reediting his website and editorial focus in preparation to pitch for assignments for the 2016 US Presidential campaign trail coverage. The challenge was not only to get through a lot of material for short term goals but also edit work to position him in a more focused visual direction as he prepares for the next phase of shooting in his career.



Check out an interview Pattie did with photojournalist Per-Anders Pettersson on The Image, Deconstructed.


The Breathing Tree

August 24, 2014

Pattie took a few pictures for a friend, Aaron Stiles, to help liven up and to add a visual context to his business website. . 


Excited to be mentioned in Per-Anders Pettersson's new photo book, Rainbow Transit, chronicling over 10 years in South Africa. I worked with Per-Anders for 5 years while at Getty Images and can attest to the volume of amazing images he has taken over the years. It was an awful nice problem to have as his editor to have too many amazing images to choose from when putting together a visual narrative.

The book is beautifully printed with really wonderful fold outs throughout the book making it a more engaging experience to revisit past work.