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Ben Luna, Art Advisors Directory

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the work you undertook in helping us designing our new website. Working with you on this project was a pleasure. I recognized that promoting the directory with an excellent SEO was an extremely important aspect of putting together our successful business and my knowledge was severely limited in regard to how to go about this, so initially I found the project rather daunting.

You listened to the brief and then without any delay built a website that was stylish, elegant and professional, and managed to capture exactly the feel we were seeking – brilliant. There was very little tweaking required and if I requested some slight alteration or other, at no time did I feel resistance or unwillingness to make adjustments – a very flexible and mature approach. You built the website without any fuss and delivered on artistic merit. However, you went beyond my expectations by researching the industry as a whole to ensure nothing was overlooked or misrepresented. I was greatly impressed.

Thank you so much-­‐ I value your expertise in this area and very much appreciate the hand holding you gave us.- Ben Luna, Art Advisors Directory

T.J. Kirkpatrick Photography

"I worked with Pattie on a website overhaul, editing portfolio books and some printed promotional pieces all to go along with a shift in the work I currently do and the new clients I'm trying to reach. In short, it was a ton of work. Pattie was helpful and responsive the entire time. She offered insights based on her extensive experience, and guided the development of my portfolio in a way that capitalized on strengths in my work that I hadn't recognized. I was thrilled to work with an editor who took the time to understand the body of work I've produced on the large scale, digging through my archive for outtakes and personal snapshots to find all the different creative threads that could be tied together. It was a pleasure to work with Pattie and I won't hesitate to call her for help on the next project."-- T.J. Kirkpatrick, based in DC


The Image, Deconstructed

"Working with Pattie is always wonderful. She is respectful, kind and eager to contribute to assist. She also brings new vision and information to each discussion that I've had with her. I highly recommend working with Pattie, she's got a great work history to draw from and industry insight that can assist you." --Ross Taylor, co-founder of TID

Interview with Per-Anders Petterson

Interview with Per-Anders Petterson

Interview with Robert Sabo

Interview with Robert Sabo

Interview with David Surowiecki

Interview with David Surowiecki

Interview with Marco Di Lauro

Interview with Marco Di Lauro


Catalina Kulczar Photography

“I hired Pattie to help revamp my photography website and portfolio (print) book. She took the time to get to know me, the kind of photography work that I want to pursue and with this info, she edited and curated 7+ years of photos into what became a solid new website. Her insight and knowledge led to a beautiful collection of images that was well thought-out - from the overall flow, to colors and patterns to the feel and personality of each image. She saw the work in a way that revealed much of myself, sometimes choosing images I maybe wouldn't have considered. 

With her keen eye, knowledge and a fresh set of eyes, all of her selects made the overall collection strong, and I'm SO proud and happy to show my work. The book edit was a completely different beast, one that she tackled with equal energy and insight as the website. I can't wait to take it to potential clients and show off my work! 

Pattie has A LOT of patience and answered every one of my questions, no matter how trivial it seemed. I endorse Pattie 100% and plan to recommend her to anyone who is looking to re-edit images, be it for a website or print book.” --Catalina Kulczar, based in NYC

"Working with Pattie helped alleviate some of the constant isolation of being a freelance photographer. Pattie engaged with me as a real partner and collaborator to help as I evolve my work from being successful in the photojournalism field to seeing new possibilities in other markets. Pattie's steady hand and overall attentiveness helped ensure a smooth flow to the otherwise bumpy process of portfolio editing." --Scott Lewis, based in NYC region


“Pattie is extremely professional, a hard worker, demands high quality and perfection from the photographers she works with and knows how to guide and encourage when needed. After Pattie left Getty Images, I continued to work with her on long terms projects on a freelance bases where she always has a wide vision of the issues I'm working on. She does research on the subject, gives ideas and new points of views to enrich my work. She has the capacity of seeing the story in the widest angle, while giving new and give fresh ideas. At the same time she narrows and orients stories when the target client is a specialized magazine. I have worked with Pattie on few projects where she has helped in the research, writing text, editing the images and prepared PDFs ready to be presented to clients in the most professional way. I keep on working with Pattie and will be more then happy to give further support.” --Yoray Liberman, based in Israel

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.33.04 AM.png

"Pattie is amazing. She goes above and beyond! I love working with Pattie, she helped guide me through the entire process of setting up my first website for my Photo Consulting Business. Pattie has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her own years in the industry and as a consultant herself she easily shared her perspective, advise and support on every level. She is a great, lovely person and I would highly recommend her!"  --Stephanie Menuez, Photography Consultant

MD Vending, LLC

"My company, MD Vending consulted with Pattie on helping to create and build our website. Her advice, knowledge and skills have been invaluable in helping us build our company and get our message out. Pattie will continue to be an asset and a consultant in future professional endeavors as well."
--Michael Frasco, President & COO