• Work globally with clients - I can be here, you can be there

  • Focus, Research, Edit, Package, Pitch visual content

  • Blue Sky Solutions to budget & time constraints

  • Personal Attentive Photo Editing

  • Can add custom Photography to your brand

  • Content Creation & Project Management

  • Get you organized & focused

  • Custom Website Set Up

  • Visual Branding & Marketing

  • Social Media Outreach

I have been taking pictures seriously since I was 16.  I love beautiful and tasty food. I love the beach, mainly the south of France. I love the human spirit. I love my family. Above all, (except my family) I love taking and capturing moments. Most recently I have traveled from New York City to Paris, Rome, St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France.

McMushroom Media is the product of 20+ years of perfecting the craft of visual communications. McMushroom collaborates with freelancers and businesses who want a more personal collaboration with their visual content and digital marketing efforts while growing their business. Content is key to the future of all media no matter its delivery platform. McMushroom Media specializes in visual content; text, video and especially photography. We advise how to package content, whether for a website, social media out reach, presentation, print portfolio or photo book in a clean and clear presentation while not compromising its character and standout attributes. We tend to work with only 2-3 clients at a time to better provide a personal and custom working relationship, something in today’s fast paced market is hard to find. In short, we make being a creative and profitable less stressful.


Pattie mcnab combines her experience with her extensive photography and storytelling experience to offer clients a manageable time and budget plan to help them focus on bettering their craft of gathering and communicating visual content while moving their business forward. Pattie has worked for global Media companies and draws on her corporate experience to make your business less stressful. Besides having an opinion, Pattie's ability to be the ultimate multi-tasker (mother of 3 in NYC) makes her the perfect nurturing and cheerleading force behind any business. Mcmushroom is on the receiving end of marketing promos for web and print creatives and advises according to the ins and outs of the media industries trends while setting realistic goals for her clients.

Email me at McMushroom to set up a 30 min call to see if collaborating with us works for you. We provide reasonable and scalable estimates before making a commitment to a project.